Frequently Asked Questions

What is The Chalstrom House at St. Andrew’s?

    The Chalstrom House at St. Andrew's is a venue for parties, receptions, meetings, teas, dances .

What size events does it host?

    Events up to 150 people. For events with more than 100 the hosts must tent the back yard.

What services does it provide?

    The Chalstrom House at St. Andrew's is a venue only. It provides no services, such as catering, serving, beverages, music. It maintains a list of approved providers of various services. Hosts are welcome to employ their own providers, subject to approval by The Chalstrom House and subject to their having proper insurance. The Chalstrom House has a kitchen adequate for serving operations but not food preparation. There is a substantial building in the back yard that is available for food preparation.  We provide post-event janitorial follow up. However, hosts are expected to leave the facility in orderly condition.

Are there sound limitations?

    Although we welcome bands and music, The Chalstrom House at St. Andrew's is in a residential neighborhood. Therefore, the facility is not appropriate for events with large sound systems and loud music.  

Is parking provided?

    The Chalstrom House at St. Andrew's does not have a parking lot. However, there is considerable on street parking in the Carrollton neighborhood.